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Discover how world experts have changed their daily practices!


Best Of Research Session

World experts in their field are presenting five papers that introduced material change to what they did clinically. Each expert restricted their reviews of important developments to their specific field of expertise. Whilst each countries medical education requirements differ, generally we would suggest that these will keep you up to date with the latest developments in that field. 

Psychiatrists' Library

Unlock the secrets of psychiatry: a curated reading list for the next generation of mental health leaders! Discover the most influential books and articles chosen by experienced psychiatrists to inspire and guide trainees and early career professionals on their journey into the world of mental health.


The Best Of Research Sessions is divided into two parts:

  1. Online Videos:
    • Anxiety Disorders - Prof. David Baldwin
    • Psychedelic Medicine - Dr. Michael Bogenschutz
    • Addiction - Prof. Jørgen G. Bramnes 
    • What's New about Psychosis ? - Prof. Nandini Chakraborty
    • Major Depressive Disorder - Prof. Philip Gorwood
    • Old Age Psychiatry - Prof. Nicolas Hoertel
    • Bipolar Affective Disorder - Prof. Pierre Michel Llorca
    • Personality Disorders - Dr. Christian Schmahl
    • Eating Disorders - Prof. Janet Treasure
    • Forensic Psychiatry - Prof. Birgit Völlm
    • Bipolar Affective Disorder - Prof. Allan Young
    • Psychosomatics - Dr. Silvia Ferrari
    • Care of the Elderly - Prof. Robert Perneczky
    • Neuromodulation - Prof. Christopher Baeken

  2. Psychiatrists' Library:
    Discover a curated reading list of 70 inspiring books and articles, developed by peers, specifically for trainees, early career psychiatrists, and individuals entering the field of psychiatry and mental health. 

    Fields of expertise:
  • Psychiatry as a Profession
  • Key Psychiatry Handbooks
  • Clinical Symptoms Psychopathology
  • Clinical Skills
  • Basic Science
  • Psychopharmacology
  • Psychotherapy
  • Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy

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