EPA e-Learning: What’s Next?

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Now is your chance to have a hand in the future of EPA online training!

Whether you are an avid e-learning user, new to the online training world or simply curious, your input is important to us.

We are always looking for innovative ideas to expand our e-learning offer and we would love to know more about your experience with online training, with the EPA or other platforms.

Your answers to this short survey will be a tremendous help in building the future of the EPA e-Learning programme.

Learners Feedback: Understanding and Treating Major Depressive Disorder

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Our online course Understanding and Treating Major Depressive Disorder is great for those who wish to expand their knowledge on clinical depression. 

Take a look at our participants’ feedback on this course:

"The course provides an excellent overview of relevant information related to depression, from etiology to the latest treatment options."

"The actor with the role of a patient did a really good job. I felt his problems and was sincerely happy when he got a little better"

"Always great to gain more knowledge from two experienced professionals!"

"An excellent course for those wishing to advance their basic knowledge of MDD."

Join the course and benefit from a high-quality training! 

New Features on the Platform!

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The EPA is thrilled to announce that two NEW options are now available:

-          Speed up or slow down the pace on all our videos – click on the wheel at the bottom of the video and watch it up to x2 its normal speed

-          English subtitles for our online course “Understanding and Treating Major Depressive Disorder” – click on the “CC” at the bottom of the video to turn on the subtitles

More upgrades are underway!

We would love to hear from you: what would you want to see next? Let us know!

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Learners feedback: Introduction to CBT

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Will our course on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy meet your expectations ?

Learners who already took the course shared their feedback, read more below!

"A really helpful and complete programme!"

"The course was awesome. Frankly, I was surprised by the quality of this course and that it was not just glossing over the topic like other courses"

"The choice of teachers and invited speakers was excellent"

"Thank you so much for doing this. This I think will change how I talk with patients"

"The role play video was great - it definitely enhanced my understanding"

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Learners feedback: Motivational Interviewing Course

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Are you interested in learning more about Motivational Interviewing but not sure whether our course will meet your expectations?

Here are some of the comments from learners who completed the course, have a look!

"The style of training with short videos, example, exercises is so much better than the usual slide based format"

"Fantastic course, very immersive and engaging. I will definitely keep an eye on EPA for more courses"

"The role play was very useful, the classroom set up made it feel very real"

"I must comment about the interviewee, playing the role of the patient. Her performance was excellent and on the ball. Very believable. The interviewers of course also did an excellent job"

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Learn something new in psychiatry this summer!

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Did you know that our online courses will remain available all summer?

Now is the time to take on the challenge to learn more about Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Motivational Interviewing or Major Depressive Disorder!

And don't forget to complete the evaluation surveys at the end of each course to help us improve our platform and content, we look forward to your feedback.

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It’s here! Start your training on Major Depressive Disorder today

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Our new online course “Understanding and Treating Major Depressive Disorder” is now available on the EPA e-Learning platform in open access to all participants!

The topics will range from epidemiology and pathophysiology to affective neuroscience and treatment paradigms. Led by world leading clinician scientists, this course is a must see for all those who seek to understand clinical depression better.

More information on this page!

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Interested in other topics? Check out our Courses catalogue.

Now available - Online Course "Introduction to Cognitive Behavioural Therapy"

by EPA e-Learning -
We are thrilled to announce that the first EPA Course - "Introduction to CBT" is back and now available on this platform.

  • What is this course about?

In this course, you will follow Dr. Stirling Moorey through 4 different chapters of highly engaging mini-lectures, demonstrative role-plays and interviews with international experts which will help you understand the varieties of CBT, their evolution, the application of CBT to various disorders, its key clinical features and the place of this important therapy in psychiatry today.

  • Who is it for?

This course is designed not only for psychiatrists and health professionals, but for all interested participants wishing to know more about CBT and mental health issues.

There is no prerequisite knowledge necessary to take this course.

Did you know?
EPA paid-up members can access our courses for free:
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Now is the time to sharpen your skills with our course!

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Make use of your time at home during this challenging situation and sharpen your skills with e-learning.

The EPA Online Course on Motivational Interviewing (MI) will help you learn more about the spirit of MI, the crucial relational foundation, the key techniques and how to use the techniques to steer consultations in the direction of positive change.

Among the participants of our "Introduction to Motivational Interviewing" course, more than 30% have now received their Certificate of Completion. 

If you haven't completed the course yet, join your colleagues today
and learn something new in #psychiatry this summer!

MI course

If you have any questions, check out our FAQ!

New EPA Online Course available soon!

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In 2020, experience a new way to train and deepen your knowledge on Major Depressive Disorder.

Led by renowned experts Prof. Allan Young and Dr. Roland Zahnfrom King’s College London, this online course will give you a better understanding of the symptoms and how to diagnose depression. You will have access to interactive discussions reviewing available and emerging new treatments and so much more!

Aimed to all those who wish to learn more about depression, from students to experienced clinicians, the course on Understanding and Treating Major Depressive Disorder will be available in a few months.

Stay tuned for more information about the official launch date!

Have you enrolled in our course on Motivational Interviewing yet?
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EPA members - Access to the courses in 2020

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To all our EPA members subscribers,

To maintain your access to our online course on Motivational Interviewing in 2020, make sure you have paid your 2020 membership fees on our Extranet and come back for your training course!

And don’t forget, more courses are coming next year… stay tuned!

Happy holidays from the EPA!

Thank you!

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Over the past few months, more than 400 learners have joined us on this e-Learning platform,
thank you!

Among the participants of our "Introduction to Motivational Interviewing" course, almost 30% have now successfully completed the final quiz and received their Certificate of Completion. 

If you haven't completed the course yet, join your colleagues today and learn something new in #psychiatry this summer!

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Motivational Interviewing - Opening of Chapter 4

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This is it!

Today we start our fourth and final chapter entitled Putting it all together”.

We will introduce a simple module of the consultation: engage, focus, evoke, plan and we will put the skills we learnt in previous chapters into it to discuss how to shape conversation towards change.

As usual, test your knowledge with our weekly quiz and join the discussion: share your thoughts on how power imbalance can be managed in your work and how to support autonomy within psychiatric practice.

Once you have gone through this week’s lessons, don't forget to pass our final test to receive your Certificate of Completion!

We would also love to hear more about your experience with us: did you enjoy the course? what did you prefer? 
Let us know in the Evaluation Survey!

Motivational Interviewing - Opening of Chapter 3

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The third chapter of our course is now online and will focus on “Strategic direction”!

Throughout this week’s videos, you will learn more about how to identify change and sustain talk and how to respond to it. You will also understand the benefits of evocative questions and how to construct them.

Moreover, you will once again have the opportunity to watch MI in action with another role play as we go on to unpick ambivalence into change talk and sustain talk and look at how we can respond to change talk and sustain talk differently to help steer consultation on the direction of positive change.

In this week’s discussion, we ask about your impressions after the role play: how would you respond? What happens for you and the patient when responding to change talk in an MI consistent way? Join us!

Don’t forget to complete our weekly quiz to have access to the fourth and final Chapter - available from Wednesday 19 June.

Happy learning!

Motivational Interviewing - Opening of Chapter 2

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We hope you have enjoyed the first Chapter of the course ! 

It’s now already time to have a look at Chapter 2 “From the Relational to the Technical”.

In this Chapter, you will have the opportunity to watch Motivational Interviewing techniques in action with demonstration role plays and a debrief of the session led by Guy Undrill. You will finish with an interview of David Rosengren, MI trainer and member of the MI Network of Trainers (MINT) and our weekly quiz to assess your progress! 

This week’s discussion is also open and we want to know more about your daily practice with patients and how they respond to motivational techniques: join us

Next stop will be Chapter 3 “Strategic Direction” - available from Wednesday 12 June.

Happy learning!

Motivational Interviewing - Opening of Chapter 1

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Today is the first day of your training on Motivational Interviewing and we warmly thank you for enrolling in this course!

By now, you probably already know a lot more about it thanks to the introductory module “About the Online Course. If not, go check it out!

You will find more detailed information on the course content and learning objectives, plus you can introduce yourself and meet the other participants in this forum. Don’t forget to fill out our Welcome survey as well before you start the course.

Then it’s time to get to work with Chapter 1 “The Relational Foundation”.

In this chapter, we will work together to:

  1. Reflect on the key traits of both good and bad helpers
  2. Learn a basic definition of motivational interviewing
  3. Understand the partnership view of the patient-doctor relationship
  4. Gain awareness of how low therapist empathy impacts outcomes
  5. Appreciate the importance of change talk and sustain talk
  6. Understand what ambivalence is and its impact

We also hope you’ll participate in this week’s discussion, we are here to answer your questions!

Don’t forget that Chapter 2 will be available from Wednesday 5 June 2019.

Happy learning!

Motivational Interviewing Online Course – Starting soon!

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Thank you for joining us on the EPA E-learning platform!

Did you already subscribe to our next course? 

If not, head over to the course presentation page and subscribe today. You will then have access to the course overview, practical information about the course content and can meet your fellow learners in the forum!

Don’t forget to complete our Welcome Survey as well to have access to the videos of Chapter 1: The Relational Foundation from 29 May 2019.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to email us through our Contact form.

Happy learning!

Motivational Interviewing Online Course – Enrol now!

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It's finally here!

The EPA is very pleased to announce that its second Online Course “Introduction to Motivational Interviewing (MI)” will start on Wednesday 29 May 2019 and is now open for enrolment! 

This online course is accessible for free for all EPA paid-up members using their Extranet login (email and password) to connect. A €30 fee will apply for other participants.

Check out our FAQ for more information and subscribe to the course today!

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2019 EPA Online Course: starting in May 2019!

by EPA e-Learning -

The second EPA online course “Introduction to Motivational Interviewing,” aims to give professionals techniques and ideas that can be used straight away in the workplace

Learners from around the world will be able to understand MI from the ground up: the spirit of MI, the crucial relational foundation, the key techniques and how to use the techniques to steer consultations in the direction of positive change.

Designed for psychiatrists and other mental health professionals, the course will open in May 2019.

Registrations will open soon, don’t forget to check our news feed right here for the latest information!

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A new EPA Online Course is coming soon!

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After the success of its first online course on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, the EPA is thrilled to announce that the filming of another online course took place in January 0219. This year, learners from around the world will have the opportunity to gain knowledge through the new course, An Introduction to Motivational Interviewing.

To know more about the EPA E-learning programme, go visit

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