Motivational Interviewing - Opening of Chapter 3

Motivational Interviewing - Opening of Chapter 3

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The third chapter of our course is now online and will focus on “Strategic direction”!

Throughout this week’s videos, you will learn more about how to identify change and sustain talk and how to respond to it. You will also understand the benefits of evocative questions and how to construct them.

Moreover, you will once again have the opportunity to watch MI in action with another role play as we go on to unpick ambivalence into change talk and sustain talk and look at how we can respond to change talk and sustain talk differently to help steer consultation on the direction of positive change.

In this week’s discussion, we ask about your impressions after the role play: how would you respond? What happens for you and the patient when responding to change talk in an MI consistent way? Join us!

Don’t forget to complete our weekly quiz to have access to the fourth and final Chapter - available from Wednesday 19 June.

Happy learning!