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This platform has been created by the European Psychiatric Association to host all its current and future online learning material. We regularly upload new content and online courses, so stay tuned!

For an overview of all available courses, check out our Courses catalogue.

Each course has been designed to give you an exclusive training on a specific topic (motivational interviewing, depression, therapy, etc.) in an innovative way: you will be able to experience a new way to train and expend your knowledge with videos, filmed role plays, quizzes and more!

Our online courses have been created jointly between the EPA and our course instructors. They are available to all interested learners around the world, all year long.

It is recommended to use the latest versions of any web browsers and have access to a good internet connection via your smartphone, tablet or computer.

Otherwise, you will simply need to create an account with a valid email address (see below Account and Login).

Account and Login


EPA paid-up members have a free access to our e-Learning platform content.
If you are already a paid-up member, please use your EPA Extranet information (email and password) to login directly on this page.

Carefully check your membership status before creating an e-Learning account as it will not be possible to issue any reimbursement once a payment has been made on the platform.

Step 1. Make sure you have paid your fees for the current year. If in doubt, you can connect to your Extranet account to check whether you have paid and qualify as an EPA paid-up member.

Step 2.

  • If you are paid-up: use your Extranet login information (email and password) on this page to connect to the e-Learning platform and enroll in any course for free. There is no need to create a new account.
  • If you are not paid-up:
    • Pay your fees online on the EPA Extranet
    • Use your Extranet login information (email and password) to connect on the platform and enroll in any course for free.

If you need help with your account, check out our EPA membership FAQs.

Step 1. Check out our membership categories here and submit your membership application on this page.

Step 2. Once your application has been processed and accepted (within approximately a week), you will receive a confirmation email.

Step 3. Once you receive the email, login to your account on this page and pay your membership fees online.

Step 4. Go back to the login page on this platform and use your Extranet login information (email and password), then enroll in any course for free!

Step 1. No problem! You will first need to create your account on the platform and complete the form with the required information.

Step 2. Once submitted, you will receive a confirmation email. Click on the link in the email to confirm your address and use your username and password to connect to the e-Learning platform.

Step 3. Once logged in, click on the course thumbnail you are interested in and enroll by clicking on the enroll button and get started!

NOTE: Fees might be applicable depending on the course.

Courses and Enrollment

Enrollments are made on a course-by-course basis. Check our catalogue to find more information on the courses you are interested in. Please note that fees might be applicable.

Click on the course thumbnail to access its Presentation page with more information and if you are interested, click on the “Enroll me” button to start learning!

The fees might vary depending on the courses and whether you are a paid-up EPA member or not. Please refer to the above “Account and Login” category for more detailed explanation.

You don’t need to have a PayPal account to pay for a course. If you have one you can use it, otherwise you can use other payment methods such as Visa, MasterCard, etc.

Bank transfers are also possible, if you are interested please contact us directly by using our Contact form.

All our courses are available all year long. There is no time-limit for you to complete a course, nor an obligation to finish a course. You can follow all the courses at your own pace, whenever and wherever you like.

Yes, all our courses and teaching material are in English. English subtitles are available for all our courses.

We hope to be able to add more languages as we go.

Once you complete a course, you can obtain a personalised Certificate of Completion in the last module of the related course.
Our courses are not yet accredited.

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