Introduction to Motivational Interviewing

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This second EPA Online course “Introduction to Motivational Interviewing”, or MI, will review the spirit of MI, the crucial relational foundation, the key techniques and how to use the techniques to steer consultations in the direction of positive change.

The course aims to give professionals techniques and ideas that can be used straight away in the workplace. 

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The course is divided into 4 Chapters, composed of between 4 to 6 video lessons each.
Each module will be focused on a different topic and will comprise videos, recommended readings, a quiz and a thematic discussion topic:

Chapter 1: The Relational Foundation
Chapter 2: From the Relational to the Technical
Chapter 3: Strategic direction
Chapter 4: Pulling it all together

In this course, you will have exclusive access to mini-lecture videos, weekly quizzes and so much more!
For a sneak peek, have a look at the video below and join us today!